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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Providores Winemakers Dinner

Tonight's menu- a half melted Mars Bar served on a train.... a stark contrast to last night's 5 course cuisine.

The Providores nestled comfortably on Marylebone high street, seems unassuming from the outside, but is truly stunning on the inside. Expect a warm welcome from the members of Peter Gordon's team as they take your coat, pour your wi
ne, serve your dinner and see to it that that warm feeling you get inside from all that wonderful food stays with you for days....

I wanted to thank my fellow Arvon comrades for a wonderful night, evoking the wonderful memories and inspiration from Devon. And finally, I just wanted to pay my respects to Peter and Yotam- two outstanding, down to earth men, who devote all the
ir time and energy to food and ignite passion in everyone they meet!

I'm truly looking forward to our next encounter.


  1. It was fun wasn't it? Great to see you but I found it hard to talk to anyone for very long because of the winemaker's speeches! And the food of course. Would be great to meet up again and catch up properly. x

  2. Oooh, I'm so sorry to be so far away from you all! Miss U!

  3. A lovely evening, so glad you made it. We must do it again soooon xox